Online marketplace earns more selling less

The opening and closing ceremonies at the Nasdaq Market site in New York is a platform to generate exposure for a company and the ceremonial bell itself was a handmade and vintage item that was made by the online marketplace, Etsy. A small group of shop owners like Anna Donado, Juan Donado, Liz Carlis and others from the online marketplace were invited to set up a marketplace in the Times Square. And the other sellers joined the group via online through the sellerbration hash tag. Even though the company has grown to bigger heights, the importance given to the sellers is never lost. One of the shops on Etsy called the Designosaurs was a startup started by Dendy and her friends, they tweeted to the online market place and the company re-tweeted them, and the store received ten thousand views within a single day. Now in Brighton, Dendy is the captain with seven hundred Etsy sellers. The main aim of the online marketplace is to build a community that paves way for the artisans to sell their handcrafted and handmade items to the customers in the local and global market.

Setting up a shop in Etsy is very simple, so the sellers have to pay twelve pounds for each listing and if there is a sale they have to pay 3.5 percent as a commission fee. Earlier the company was considered as an American website, thus the company decided to introduce multiple currencies so that the buyers can check out for their local currency and purchase the craft.

Small enterprise gets a big marketplace in New York

The Silicon Alley in Manhattan, New York is the metonymy of the city’s metropolitan region’s high tech industry, including the digital media, software development, game design, telecom and etc. And the insiders are happy that the talented and big info- centric industries are operating in the city.
But everyone in the market does not have the opportunity to be a part of Silicon Alley, so the NYCEDC (New York City Economic Development Corporation) supports the entrepreneur to get into the platform, and launched the new program called Manage Forward. The startups that can participate in the program should have three years of market experience, and have atleast one employee apart from the owner, and the annual turnover must be within two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to five million dollars. Even though it is famous in Brooklyn, many entities came from the Bronx and Queens and they comprise of the women owned business and minority- owned (M/WBE) enterprise.
Maria Torres- Springer is the President of the New York City Economic Development Corporation said that the true strength of the city’s economy lies in the diverse entrepreneurs and the support the city gives to the (M/WBE) enterprise. The Manage Forward program obtains their funding from the Santander Bank and along with the non- profit Interise.

Interise are based in Boston and in the past, they partnered with thirteen private and government organizations to serve more than two thousand one hundred small business in thirty six communities in the United States of America. Their main aim is to support the small enterprises that were left from the venture capitals. They conduct seminars at regular intervals to help the owners to build strategies and develop their business.
Now they only fifteen business ranging from the construction service to manufacturing to professional service, and the organization plans to increase the number of business to 600 units by printing, mailing and campaigning.

Etsy introduces shop videos for its sellers

Etsy sellers make huge money off their online stores and several of them have even become overnight superstars. What is the buzz all about? Etsy is like any other online ecommerce website that makes selling and buying options easy on the very first go. But, what makes it unique from other websites is that it focuses on handicrafts and handmade items. The website has roped in some world’s finest artisans and the products are uniquely creative and the prices are reasonable as well.
Be it a cute little bow for your kitten or an exotic wall painting for your sweet home, you name it, Etsy would slay like a ninja! Etsy poses a threat to several ecommerce giants like Amazon, Best Buy and eBay. Hence, it often introduces deals to compete with the world’s leading companies. Recently, it stepped up from its comfort zone and experimented with its search algorithm. Though it was not as great as Amazon, Etsy users loved it.
It is not fair to please the buyers alone, and so, the US based company launched a brand new feature for its sellers as well. Etsy has been the talk of the town ever since the “shop video” idea went viral. The sellers can now upload videos on their online stores to have the so called “connection” with the buyers. The new feature will be able to provide inside looks of every online Etsy store which in turn is a huge bonus for the buyers!

Etsy’s New Course That helps People to Turn Their Skills to Business Launched in Poole

A new Etsy programmed that helps crafty persons to turn their skills into business is heading towards Poole.

The Pool is the place which serves as a base of its second Craft Entrepreneurship programmed in the United Kingdom. This programmed was launched in Rockford, Illinois in the year 2013 to provide free training to crafty people and give them a view to start their own business.

This four week course that takes place in two hour weekly sessions will cover topics including business finance, selling products online, photography and marketing.

The course that takes place in the Poole central library will be having some sessions delivered by the designer, educator and writer Neil Leonard with the help of local Etsy sellers.

The international community program lead of the Etsy, Matt Doris reveals that the craftsmanspirit and marketing skill of Poole made it to be the second UK partner for the new programmed.

This new programmed of Etsy will help Entrepreneurs to earn extra income through their own talents and skills without having much effort. It is expected that many crafty people will succeed in their business by joining this programmed.

Running a small scale business is not as simple as it requires skills, creativity, determination and a lot that help them lead the business towards success. Through this programmed Etsy introduces a group of talented people in the Etsy industry that serve better for its business development.

Etsy experiments with its search algorithm

Etsy is the most famous online shopping website that sells classy and unique handicrafts. It is also a dream destination for artisans and people who are crazy about handicrafts. The company was found in 2005 with a small inventory, but it has turned out to be the most successful startup. It has rivals like the mighty Amazon, eBay, Best Buy and many other websites that only focus on handicrafts. Recently, Amazon launched a new marketplace that is exclusively meant for handmade items for cheaper prices. But people prefer Etsy to Amazon because of its classy products despite the higher rates.

Lately, Etsy has been quiet experimental with its search algorithm in order to grab more attention from the online shoppers. After all, users only purchase when they find out products of their choices. Etsy has designed the new search algorithm based upon the customer reviews and it has received positive and negative feedbacks from its users.

The search option also comes up with results based upon the shopping destination, diversity, tags, and titles. But many sellers are not very happy with search results based upon customer reviews simply because it would create an opportunity for the competitors to post negative reviews. Many leading companies have followed this so called “cowardly strategy” to take down its rivals, very clever, eh? However, Etsy is still trying to figure out a new search algorithm that would benefit both the sellers and buyers, we just need to wait and watch!

Etsy‘s marketplace event in Niagara Falls

Etsy, the online shopping dream destination for many shoppers has been the talk of the town for conducting live marketplace events in many cities. There are several people who have turned into millionaires from a scratch. One such person is Gillian McGregor, she started it as a fun thing by posting handmade bohemian type cowboy boots on Etsy. But that has changed into serious business for her; she’s one among the best sellers now! Thanks to the dream shopping destination! People are now looking to make a living through Etsy by taking Gillian as an inspiration.

The company has been conducting several marketplace events across US and Canada. They didn’t exclude Niagara Falls from the list! Many people turned out for the event. Truly dedicated Etsy shoppers from Canada did not miss the grand event. In fact, it was the first ever event that was exclusively meant for Canadian handmade goods.  It was a huge success among the locals. Though the online shopping site has many rivals like Amazon, eBay, and many more, it has always remained many people’s favorites for its quality and many exciting deals. The marketplace events have also grabbed a lot of attention across the country.  The event provides an opportunity for the locals to take a look at their exclusive products and it increases the market revenue. The marketplace would also promote the company’s popularity by attracting more online shoppers. Let us hope the other online shopping sites do not completely lose the race!

Things to be learnt from Etsy’s top sellers

Etsy, every person’s dream shopping destination to handicrafts has created many millionaires across the globe. People who have initially started it as a fun thing turned into topmost sellers for Etsy. There are many important things that we can learn from them to start our own businesses.

One way to attract shoppers is to have a classy look on the product, colorful graphic banners and high definition quality pictures of the product. This tactic would grab a lot of much needed attention and also, the store’s description plays an important role.

Highly specific keywords and identifiers play a major role in this marketing play. According to a survey, shoppers search for their products with specific keywords before buying them. For example, a user would type “long gowns” instead of just “gowns” and many successful sellers make use of this secret strategy! Buy shopsy at

Great offers, lots and lots of it! This is one simple and an effective way to make an immense sale. People would definitely go for the product that has a big eye-grabbing offer label on it! It is as simple as that! I mean, who could even resist the products that are on sale? I couldn’t for sure!

Another easy strategy is partnership! The top sellers sign up a partnership with the other trustworthy sellers from Etsy. Shoppers do not seem to be disappointed with it either! It even promotes the growth of both the stores that are involved in the cross-traffic exchange. This is worth a try and seems to be working out brilliantly!

Alicia Shaffer bids goodbye to Etsy

As you all know, there are many people who have turned out to be the top sellers for Etsy. They started it as a hobby and eventually became millionaires in no time. Alicia Shaffer was the talk of the town when she made money that no one else could have even imagined. Many accused her of fraudulent behavior and doubted on her success that was achieved in such a short span of time. Initially, Shaffer did not pay attention to the accusations, but later decided to bid goodbye to the ThreeBirdNest.

According to many sources, Shaffer’s several products were not entirely handmade and many articles accused her of fraud allegations. The critics questioned her success and said her products were imported from China and India for cheaper prices. The products were then sold at her store for higher prices. Also, there were products on other sites that looked a lot similar to the items from Shaffer’s store. Shaffer’s rivals were silently rejoicing the ThreeBirdNest store’s fall. She was not really bothered until people started to throw stronger accusations at her. Things started to fall apart and slowly turn against her. Stronger evidences were produced against her, people started to doubt whether or not her products were genuine. Shaffer’s store started to lose its truly dedicated existing customers and the market revenue. Finally, she decides to bid goodbye to the online shopping giant Etsy that gained her popularity and fame in a short period of time.

Amazon surges to take down Etsy

Etsy is an apt website to visit for quirky and creative handicrafts. It has a lot of fans in many cities across several countries.  The company has come up with many deals and offers over the years to expand further and grab attention. It is also a potential threat to many other online shopping websites that are exclusively meant for handmade goods.

Amazon is the most used shopping website across the globe and several people prefer Amazon to any other website for simple household items. It is the proud owner of the highest market revenue. However, Amazon seems to be not satisfied with its fame and popularity, it demands more!  So the company has decided to open a marketplace that is only meant for handicrafts. How very sweet of Amazon to open a store against Etsy, very ironic eh?  It has already got a very good response from its customers regarding the new plan. But guess what, Etsy’s few existing customers have already shifted to Amazon!

Etsy needs to catch up the pace in the race before it is completely taken down by the market giant Amazon.  The Amazon service is considered to be the best when compared to any other online services, but the fee is quite high because of its fraud protection and many factors.  Etsy must keep an eye on sellers and prevent them from moving to Amazon based upon user demands. It has to think about expanding its service wider and coming up with many ideas to grab shopper’s attention.

Things to know before shopping on Etsy and Amazon

People would no more visit the stores at malls for shopping in near future, it would even become outdated my friends! Online shopping is the new trend that is catching up like a fire across the globe! There are hundreds of online shopping sites that are being accessed across the globe. However, a shopper needs to know few things before shopping online, especially on sites like Amazon and Etsy.

Shipping is not always free for the third party goods. Many buyers are not aware of this while shopping until they proceed to the “check out” option. The products that are sold by Amazon alone will be shipped for free of cost.

Thirty party sellers would not encourage return and refund policies. The policies are not applicable for products that are sold by the third party sellers. Hence do not go for the third party products if you are very picky like me! It is definitely a big no to you indecisive people, just stay away from it!

The most important thing to know is disagreements are very hard to resolve! Amazon and Etsy do not have an access to order transaction or information of the products that are sold by the third parties. It is a major drawback for the shoppers. Always analyze and do a research on the thirty party sellers before getting your favorite products from Amazon or Etsy. If you know these three things, you are ready to slay like a shopping ninja!